A Bohemian Wardrobe

In the late 1960s through mid-70s, Indian clothing captivated the West. Bagru bell bottoms, psychedelic kaftans, paisley-laden evening gowns — hippie chic was everywhere. As block printing languished, young westerners arrived in Jaipur. Enamoured with Indian style, they began experimenting with not only blocks and dyes, but also the silhouettes of traditional dress. Resourceful tailors interpreted idealistic musings  and even chopped bedspreads from the bazar into exotic shapes. Imagination reigned. Inspired by creative local women like Kitty Rae of Kin Fabrics and Lalita Mishra of Shilpi Handicrafts, these novice designers began to re-interpret this heritage craft. Chhipas suddenly found themselves flooded with export orders as Indian block printing flourished once again.

This fusion of traditional and contemporary style, supported by the Indian artisan’s skill and creative adaptability, resulted in a success story that lasted a decade and reinvigorated block printing for future generations. Take ‘a trip down Memory Lane’ and see these dazzling garments in a gallery dedicated to a rotating selection from the Anokhi Collection.