Here are links to some of our favourite textile museums,
craft initiatives, workshops and courses.
With a keen interest in natural dyes, traditional processes and the conservation of artisanal knowledge, WP offers in-depth workshops  at their Bagru printing unit on the outskirts of Jaipur.
Set in the grounds of Suraj Narain Titanwala’s workshop, this delightful little museum provides a comprehensive guide to the Bagru block printing style told through the eyes of this multi-generational printing family.
Put together after the devastating earthquake of 2021, Khamir is a platform dedicated to the promotion of Kachchh’s rich craft and cultural heritage.
A concise online database of India’s museums providing a brief history and useful information for planning a visit.
Through various portals such as Asia InCH encyclopedia, the Global InCH journal and India InCH extensive directory of traditional Indian artisans, CRT aims to disseminate cultural knowledge and connect individuals and craft communities across India and the South-East Asian region.
A multi-faceted museum with a focus on the heritage of Kutch, Gujarat. Galleries, library as well as craft education and resource centre combine to preserve and promote the stunning crafts of this region.
Forbes Watson collection – of textiles produced in the subcontinent as well as neighbouring countries. A total of 20 sets were distributed amongst textile manufacturing towns in the UK and trade centres in south Asia.
For a very English take on block printed textiles, the William Morris Gallery is devoted to the exemplary works of this famed designer and craftsman.
Elizabeth Bayley Willis Collection of quirky block prints from the 1950s, from Farrukhabad and other printing towns of Uttar Pradesh.
Supports the study of the history, art and design of textiles and promotes the sharing of knowledge and passion through a broad network of experts and enthusiasts.
A steadfast commitment to the promotion of natural dyes and and fibres, Maiwa School of Textiles hosts a series of informative and wide-ranging workshops, lectures and events.
Promotes interest in traditional and contemporary carpets and textiles from around the world through its journal, specialist talks and visits to museum and private collections.