The museum supports an ongoing research programme to study block printing, primarily in select regions of northern India. There is increasing emphasis on not only detailing technical processes, but also capturing the artisan’s memories and the stories embedded in the cloth. In conjunction with this research, AMHP is publishing a series of books illustrated with photographs and fabric swatches. These publications further appreciation of both the art and its skilled practitioners.

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Hand Blockopedia ~ A Beginner’s Guide is a revised and updated version of the inaugural exhibition catalogue. It provides a general overview of the craft including a discussion of select block printing villages and towns.

Ajrakh ~ Patterns & Borders explores this popular abstract, geometric patterned cloth by revealing the complex technical processes and fascinating history of fabric that continues to be traded world-wide.

Balotra ~ The Complex Language of Print  documents a village textile tradition where patterned attire identifies the community and status of the wearer. Assisted by the Yusef Yaseen family, this book represents a joint effort to protect endangered textiles.

Sanganer ~ Traditional Textiles, Contemporary Cloth traces the evolution of hand block printing in an historic textile town and demonstrates the versatility of this living craft in face of modernisation & ‘progress’.

Farrukhabad ~ Art of The Block studies this historic, yet fragile, block printing town in Uttar Pradesh. Captivated by the artisans’ stories and the elegant complex blocks, AMHP listened and learned about this nearly forgotten community under the guidance of the famed Khan family of block carvers.