Wabisabi Project

What is it about? Coming together…and don’t we need more of that in today’s digital world? – Avinash Maurya, Wabisabi Project

AMHP is pleased to introduce Wabisabi Project, a new initiative started by Kriti Gupta and Avinash Maurya who have embraced traditional block printing with a commitment that inspires change. While working in Bagru, master printer Seduram Chhippa, shared his large repertoire of traditional blocks. They particularly admired the jajam or floorspread designs and the journey of Rediscovering Jajam began.

Collaboration underpins their work ethic. Kriti and Avinash understood that ignoring the elders of this fragile printing community meant an irreplaceable loss of a collective generational knowledge. Furthermore, to preserve cultural icons like jajam, a comprehensive understanding of traditional techniques was necessary for contemporary adaptations that might lead to the survival of the craft and its practitioners.  And so, they worked beside the artisans.

It is a pleasure to host the first museum exhibition of Wabisabi Project. Their research culminated in this display of jajam-inspired clothing and home furnishings, an imaginative exploration of traditional patterns and techniques in a contemporary context.