Behind The Scenes

Over 35 years ago, using traditional methods, materials and many skilled hands, the haveli building was carefully restored from a crumbling ruin.  

Since then, the upkeep is an ongoing effort as weather and time take their toll. Each Summer from mid-May to mid -July we close the museum doors and begin various maintenance tasks. This year a particularly large project is underway and by the end of June the museum will have a new roof in place. An accomplished team of workers under the guidance of Ram Kishor and following time-honoured traditions, are replacing this well-worn surface; it is no small feat to meet the exacting standards of the original restoration.

Take a look here at some of the stages in progress. And, by the way, any visitors who brave the heat and come knocking on the museum door are welcomed in and shown up to the roof to see these building skills in practice. For the month of June, the museum staff and workers themselves will be happy to talk you through the process.